London-based visual artist Abigail Fletcher studied at Chelsea College of Art and is now a Coordinator for UAL’s Post-Graduate Community. Comfortably a textile designer, her passion lies in pushing the boundaries of textiles and expanding the properties of materials through controlled manipulation and experimentation.

Her work is characterised by its innovative approach to craft and her practice steers away from convention towards futuristic design solutions.

Her work also spans set design, film direction and most recently, Abigail leads the visual direction of Senscapes - a public-engagement venture where neuroscience, art, and music collide with the aim to bridge the gap between science and art, balancing analytical thinking and creative intuition to fully appreciate and communicate the complex human experiences captured in neuroscientific and psychological research.

Her designs specifically focus on the relationship between art and science and how it is positioned amongst existing boundaries, and how it can be used to anticipate peoples’ future needs and desires.

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